I'm a slightly too lazy slacker who doesn't update when I want to...

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So yeah, I started this thing in hopes of focusing down and outputting a self-study of God's word each day... needless to say, I've been failing. Between just about everything, I haven't. I still have some dishes that I haven't washed in a couple weeks, just because the large mass of dirty dishes is depressing, and act as a strong inhibitor of me cleaning them.

However, I must insist that I get all of them washed, and also that I should get to updating this at least once a week, and work from there to a daily update once I get used to the idea and habit of writing more often (and composing purposful thoughts to write).

So, check back in a while, if you're interested. I may even try to update tonight again, at least saying something!

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Graduated college with a BA in Graphic Design. Married my wonderful wife on July 30th of the same year (we met in college) after over 2.5 years of courtship. Always been interested in computers and web sites. Computers always seem to like me too, either that or I just tend to time my arrival to help people right when the problems resolve themselves :P Accepted Christ as my personal Savior Nov. 14th 2002. Still growing best I can in my faith.

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