Why does my mind vanish at random points?


I really feel I need to get myself back to church this week... I don't care if I'm missing both legs... I'm going.

Thanks to random (and not-so-random) circumstances, I haven't been able to get to church since the 2nd... and I'm really feeling the emptyness that comes from my sad tendancies to vegetate and not seek much stimuli at home. When I get out on sundays to go and hear God's Word, I often can spend the week persuing the idea presented, or other spurred by my investigations. As you can see, I haven't really touched my journals since the beginning of the month (not seriously at least). This is primarily due to the mindless state I feel I fall into when I think things like "I should work on my next post," or "I should update my journals, just 'cause," or anything that threatens production. It's really irritating to the part of my mind that's still functioning relatively regularly... unfortunately, that's apparently not the part of my mind that controls my body.

On the plus side, or the down side, depending on which way you look at it; I haven't caught the big, bad virus that's been kicking people off their feets. Good, because I'm not stuck in bed. Bad, because it'd be some form of sad justification attempt on my part for my spiritual and intellectual stagnation I've been participating in. I can't get over how much it sucks.

Random side-note from work, which I could jump to unfounded conclusions and think, "Hmm, I wonder if God's telling me something?"
April 21st: Jillian(call center) and Sherry(HR manager) leave Lyon Travel (Jillian quit and Sherry's moving)
April 24th: Beth(Accounting manager) announces that she's leaving Lyon for a new job on the 12th of May
April 28th: Kristy(operations, and pregnant) announces out of the blue that today's her last day. Permanent maternity leave.

That's FOUR people gone in 7 days... That's insane for a small company like Lyon (and rather sucky for everyone who's left... 'cause that's a lot of slack to suddenly have to pick up). It also seems final that my IS position is going poof on the 31st of May (Maybe they'll let my finish the week if I don't have something else by then). There's not IS budget for me, but there's budjet for basically 5 new manager positions(HR/Accounting/Program Development/Sales/Operations) and 2 Call Center positions. None of which I'm qualified for. Suck. Guess I'll be planning on leaving Lyon behind as a positive mark on my resume and a good 5 months of experience in office/business type work under my belt. I'm still so very much endepted to Sean for making the job for me. We're both pretty sad the the position can't be funded by the IS budget.

Fortunately, aside from the stagnation bit which may or may not be partially resulted from the work front, this hasn't effected my faith at all. God's still as there for me as ever, and I trust Him that He is. Even though my prayers for my wife haven't been enough to heal her, I know God's still there. I think that I can't imagine the circumstance that would make me deny my faith, so that's good at least. It's just the persuit of God and His Word that I've been lagging.

On that note, would everyone please pray for Naomi? and Lyssa? and everyone who's being attacked by this virus?

Comments Fixed!


Whoops... the new template didn't account for the word verification I had turned on. So that's why the comments didn't work. They should work now though XP

Anybody out there?


Okay... I'm sure just about everyone wonders this when they're starting out on a blog... but I can't help but wonder if anyone reads this.

If you've read this, or are checking out my blog, please drop a short note. It'd mean a lot to me ^_^

Unfortunately, no inspiration for any theological chats... not much new in my life quite yet. My old high school is hiring a position I want, but other than that...

Hmm... Passover starts this Wednesday at sunset, and runs until sunset on the 19th. This'll be my first passover as the head of a household. I've unfortunately never been to a Seder, so I have no idea on how to run one as of yet. Maybe sometime in the next couple of days I'll share what I learn about it.

New Layout and Suikoden V


I was looking around for Photoshop tutorials a while ago and I found a site that tries to teach you how to make your own blog layout and all. I felt too lazy to get into it, and besides I didn't have any good ideas for my own. So I looked around at the free ones that other people made, and I found this one. I liked the color scheme much more than my previous layout, and it made it easy for me to create and show my own header image (yes, I did in fact make that banner myself).

So yeah, I think it's pretty nifty. This is a color scheme that's incredibly easy in comparison to universalize. That helps, plus I don't have to worry much about color clashes with the header image, while my initial one posed that exact problem. Not to mention that the coding of this one was way easier for me to find what I wanted to tweak and tweak it.

Another note: I went and drove my wife 40 minutes one-way just to buy her Suikoden V. She's a serious die-hard Suikoden fan, and V had many a good reviews. Coming off the disappointment of IV she was estatic. It's been a while since I've seen my wife that incredibly happy ^_^ She hasn't played it much yet since she's working on her latest page for her web comic. Which in my opinion is very, very spiffy. I mean, how many Full Color and Shading! web comics are out there that actually manage to update every week? She's a very good authoress too, so you can be sure that the story will be/is good. So go check it out! You'll at least have to agree that the art is good, even if web comics aren't your thing ^_^

I've been in a fairly dry-ish place spiritually lately... it's pretty sucky. I haven't had solid inspiration to write up another insightful post on some biblical/spiritual issue. But oh well, I've never been the writer type. This makes writing anything understandable and insightful difficult for me in the first place. Only through God's inspiration have I ever been able to write anything of worth. It's somewhat sad, but it's true. I'm happy that He does occasionally use me to write things though. I wish I could do it on my own, maybe then I could do something crazy like a web comic myself o_O Or not... ya know... XD

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