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Okay... I'm sure just about everyone wonders this when they're starting out on a blog... but I can't help but wonder if anyone reads this.

If you've read this, or are checking out my blog, please drop a short note. It'd mean a lot to me ^_^

Unfortunately, no inspiration for any theological chats... not much new in my life quite yet. My old high school is hiring a position I want, but other than that...

Hmm... Passover starts this Wednesday at sunset, and runs until sunset on the 19th. This'll be my first passover as the head of a household. I've unfortunately never been to a Seder, so I have no idea on how to run one as of yet. Maybe sometime in the next couple of days I'll share what I learn about it.

2 Responses to “Anybody out there?”

  1. Anonymous Sarah 

    I'm glad you fixed the comments. :-) When I read this post, I tried to reply twice, and got frustrated.

    I read your blog. I like it. I also have a faith blog (not something I often mention), and I do have readers and get comments. It's nice. I get comments because the Quakers have a really hopping network- we all read each others' blogs, and comment on them, and e-mail each other, and send long letter, and get together and meet each other in real life.

    Anyway, I'd go out and find like-minded faith bloggers and say hi to them, and comment on their entries, and link from here, and ask them to come read you. There's very likely some Messianic Jewish blogging going on out there besides you, and if there's not, I KNOW that there is plenty of charismatic Christian blogging.

    Go forth and network. :-)

  2. Anonymous Brian 

    Heh, so that was the problem. I knew something was wrong but didn't know enough about blogs to really have any chance at diagnosing the problem. Oh and speaking about my blog inexperience, I decided to try livejournal. You guys are always talking about it and I know others on there. The name is Svlad_Cjelli if you want to check it out.

    OK, enough hijacking you blog. I find your thoughts generally pretty interesting. You know that I don't always agree with you on religious matters but I really do enjoy seeing what you have to say. I often don't have anything to say in response but you do get me thinking about things sometimes. I'll try to leave comments more often in the future. I understand how helpful getting some feedback can be.

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