New Layout and Suikoden V

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I was looking around for Photoshop tutorials a while ago and I found a site that tries to teach you how to make your own blog layout and all. I felt too lazy to get into it, and besides I didn't have any good ideas for my own. So I looked around at the free ones that other people made, and I found this one. I liked the color scheme much more than my previous layout, and it made it easy for me to create and show my own header image (yes, I did in fact make that banner myself).

So yeah, I think it's pretty nifty. This is a color scheme that's incredibly easy in comparison to universalize. That helps, plus I don't have to worry much about color clashes with the header image, while my initial one posed that exact problem. Not to mention that the coding of this one was way easier for me to find what I wanted to tweak and tweak it.

Another note: I went and drove my wife 40 minutes one-way just to buy her Suikoden V. She's a serious die-hard Suikoden fan, and V had many a good reviews. Coming off the disappointment of IV she was estatic. It's been a while since I've seen my wife that incredibly happy ^_^ She hasn't played it much yet since she's working on her latest page for her web comic. Which in my opinion is very, very spiffy. I mean, how many Full Color and Shading! web comics are out there that actually manage to update every week? She's a very good authoress too, so you can be sure that the story will be/is good. So go check it out! You'll at least have to agree that the art is good, even if web comics aren't your thing ^_^

I've been in a fairly dry-ish place spiritually lately... it's pretty sucky. I haven't had solid inspiration to write up another insightful post on some biblical/spiritual issue. But oh well, I've never been the writer type. This makes writing anything understandable and insightful difficult for me in the first place. Only through God's inspiration have I ever been able to write anything of worth. It's somewhat sad, but it's true. I'm happy that He does occasionally use me to write things though. I wish I could do it on my own, maybe then I could do something crazy like a web comic myself o_O Or not... ya know... XD

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  1. Anonymous The Analyzer 

    If your wife is into Suikoden you should have her check this new konami site out.

    Join the Konami RPG Stars!

    You can get some suikoden goodies by gaining points and stuff. She would probably like it.

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